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Innovative solutions built on experience and partnerships with leading vendors, leveraging existing systems; 

integrating emerging technologies; reducing operational costs through efficiencies using business intelligence analytics and reporting.



Application integration with various data sources using best of breed technologies such as Rest/Soap or MuleSoft.  Integrations including: ServiceNow, Splunk, EMC Smarts, IBM Tivoli AppDynamics, ServiceDashboard, SolarWinds, Zabbix, OpenNMS, ELK suite and Dynatrace.



Our team consists of high-level consultants with years of experience across both business processes and leading technologies. We follow industry best practices and support our clients through successful design, development and deployment phases.

Our Services

Professional Consulting Services

As a true end-to-end technology solutions provider we deliver deep expertise in strategic IT planning, scalable solution design, deployment and ongoing support. We identify and accelerate data-driven opportunities by utilizing our professional services to implement and operate your big data solutions. . Our extensive project management experience includes our ability to collaborate, build relationships and influence individuals at all levels in a matrix- management environment, as well as external vendors and service providers to ensure that segregation and overlapping roles are identified and coordinated appropriately.

Application Design and Development

D & A 's development team can design, customize or enhance your application using a variety of programming tools and languages. Our commitment to excellence and quality assurance ensures that code standards and best practices are observed. Our development teams consist of experienced front and back end full stack developers with UX and UI designers who can customize the experience.

We have written applications in  Java, C, C++, C#, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Perl, Smarts ASL, UNIX Shell Script,  SQL, Groovy, Python, PHP, Ruby.


Data integration can be time consuming and expensive, as experts in data flow integration we can create efficiencies in a timely manner. We can simplify the integration process by developing continuous integration paths that securely connect applications and processes. Providing access to third party technologies through smart integrations using methodologies such as Rest/Soap or MuleSoft.

Data Analytics

Big data is about influencing business events while they are still unfolding. Incorporating real-time data driven analytics into your business strategy will allow you to monetize your customer, operational and product data. Gain a competitive advantage by using business intelligence and data analytics to connect products and services (IoT).

Root-Cause Event Correlation and Anomaly Detection

Understanding event correlation and reducing duplicate instance events can reduce mean time to repair. Once events are correlated to services, organizations have full visibility across all business units. We design systems that can identify root-cause and symptom related events and automatically assign tickets and workflow processes to resolve the issues.

Service Level Availability Monitoring

Business users increasingly demand uncompromised availability for mission-critical applications.  A modern availability strategy can improve  IT Operations, reduce costs, and eliminate business impact. 

About Us


About Our Company

As masters of software design and technology we have extensive experience in delivering award winning architectural design solutions. We are pioneering technologists with over twenty years of executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for and implementing enterprise systems that strategically align business objectives with technology solutions.


Our Team

Our strategy is collaborative, and we have created an inclusive culture built on customer satisfaction and innovative programs with a focus on driving operational excellences and exceeding expectations.

We are deeply passionate about our clients, our technologies and encouraging well being and balanced lives. D & A promotes diversity, individuality community involvement, and global awareness.


City of Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a city in southwest Florida, known for its many canals. and sunset vistas. It is home to manatees, and an abundance of fishing and wildlife, and parks like Sirenia Vista Park which have  kayak routes to Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve, where birds wade amongst mangroves. 

Forbes ranks Cape Coral as the fasting growing city in the United States.

D & A  is Cape Coral's premier Enterprise IT Consulting  Company.

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